Hello and thank you for stopping by! Delighted to v-meet you. I am Victoria (Vika) Bulgakova, the creator of Vika B. Studio jewelry.

I was born and raised in Ukraine, and moved to New York in 1994. Before becoming a full time metalsmith, I worked as a classical piano teacher, paralegal, business analyst, and software development project manager. Then one day I chose to close the corporate chapter of my life to pursue what I always wanted to do: work with precious metals.

All pieces in my collection are handmade by me. Some are sculpted in wax and cast, some are fabricated in metal directly, and some have elements of both. In September 2016, I moved my studio practice from Brooklyn, NY to Bloomfield Hills, Michigan to work on MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing at Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Commitment to the environment and fair labor compensation are some of my top priorities. So I repurpose all my materials and tools, avoid using harsh chemicals whenever possible (unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to totally eliminate them in jewelry making process), recycle all my production waste, and ensure that all my materials were responsibly sourced. I personally hand pick the stones for each piece I make and work with lapidary directly when the stone needs to be custom cut.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. If you have a particular design/concept in mind that you would like to bring to life (either for yourself or your loved one), I’ll be happy to work with you to manifest your vision into reality. So, reach out and let’s talk!

Vika B.

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